Why PeckApp?

PeckApp was a tool created out of need. There had to be a way to extinguish the monotonous and awkward process of connecting with others. We needed a quicker way to share our Instagram, Snapchat, and phone number at once. We needed a quicker way to share our email and LinkedIn without having to hound the internet for the woman who interviewed us for summer jobs. We needed a quicker way to share ourselves. 


At first, our goal was to create an app which allowed college students to find the people they met at parties on Instagram, while also adding their Snapchat and phone number into their “social media contacts”. This concept received excellent feedback. Wanting to take it a step further, we thought about other social media profiles we created that eventually became the components to our online persona. Now, PeckApp has become a tool used not only by college students, but in business conventions, dating settings, and much more.

With PeckApp,
sharing you is made simple.

Ready to peck?

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