PeckApp’s Commitment to Safety

PeckApp advocates a Share What You Want, When You Want, With Who You Want philosophy. The safety of our users is a matter we do not take lightly. To ensure your ability to Peck with confidence, we have a series of regulations all of our users abide by.

Share What You Want.

Our users may enter all of their social medias, a few of their social medias, or just one. Some of us may have an Instagram full of pictures from our trip to the Bahamas we are dying to share with others. Some may have an impressive work resume they are itching to share with a potential employer through LinkedIn. Your Peck Profile is the social media representation of you. You should be the one to determine what goes in it. 

Share When You Want.

With so much personal information sitting in one place, it is important to not allow this information to slip out. Tapping the Peck Island triggers the search for nearby Pecks. Under no circumstance should your device be searching to share without your consent. 

Share With Who You Want

We would not want our social media usernames being shared with strangers, we are sure you wouldn’t, either. Users are unable to send or receive any information without the consent of all parties involved. Mutual consent is achieved by tapping the name of the person you would like to share information with, and they then doing the same. A purple check mark symbolizes a mutual agreement between two or more individuals to exchange their contact information. If no purple check mark appears, no information is exchanged.

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