What is PeckApp?

PeckApp is the fastest way to share and store contact information - think of it as a digital handshake that allows you to share contact information with others simply by touching the center icon and selecting anyone you would like to share information with. Customize the information you'd like to send by choosing from your phone number, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email, or Venmo to share.


With PeckApp as a tool, you can quickly create a new phone contact, add on Snapchat, follow on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, send an email, or make a payment to that person on Venmo. Now you can share more about yourself while receiving more about others to make people more connected than ever before.

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Select all the information you would like to share.

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Hit the peck icon to share all the selected information and “peck!”

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Get information from everyone around you in seconds. Just continue to peck!

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